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What EZ Medical Diary IS

  • A document that contains medical history, medications, surgical history, emergency contacts, allergies, and much, much more.
  • A tool that can be shared with any doctors and health care providers that YOU choose, to improve coordination of care.
  • A tool for emergency room personnel to instantly bring them up-to-date on your overall situation.
  • A solution that takes the guesswork out of what information is needed.
  • Universally recognized and accepted everywhere.

What EZ Medical Diary is NOT

  • Not a site that stores your medical information remotely on the internet... Anywhere!
  • Not a complicated program to install on your computer.
  • Not an electronic storage system which is neither universally compatible nor portable.
  • Not a central target for internet hackers.
  • Not something your doctor needs to be provided with any instructions for it's use.
  • Not a lot of extra work for you.
  • Not expensive. In fact, it's amazingly affordable.

Who EZ Medical Diary is FOR

  • The elderly
  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Children or Students away from home
  • Anyone with a chronic condition
  • Anyone who travels for business or recreation
  • Anyone who lives alone
  • Anyone with difficulty communicating verbally or in writing
  • Anyone who wants their information organized into one place
  • Anyone who wants to be more involved in their care

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What makes E Z Medical Diary different from the rest?

coordination of care

It's simple. You don't send your information to us, or to anyone else. A program is downloaded to your computer containing easy to understand worksheets which automatically constructs your EZ Medical Diary for printing. You just fill in your personal information along with your health record and medical history, save the information to your own computer, and update the records as often as you like. Your information is never sent from your computer. The only information we get from you is your contact information, and only when you choose to provide it.

The EZ Medical Diary is a highly comprehensive single page double-sided document. Once completed and printed by you, it can be kept with you for emergencies, or given to any health care providers that you choose. It contains all the information about yourself that is important to health care providers. It provides for coordinated care among those to whom you look for help, including hospital emergency personnel who need to be brought immediately up to date on your complete situation. There is no guesswork, and no redundancy.

The EZ Medical Diary puts you in control of who sees your information... and who doesn't. Take a moment to tour our site, and we think you'll agree. The EZ Medical Diary is a simple solution that finally makes sense.